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This article is only used to test whether the api file is working properly. If you see this article on your website, it shows that the api file is working, please remove this article and start collecting!

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Youcai cloud collector is a website collector that automatically collects relevant articles and publishes them to user websites according to keywords provided by users. It can automatically identify the title, text and other information on various web pages, and can realize the whole network collection without any collection rules written by users. After collecting the content, it will automatically calculate the correlation between the content and the set keywords, and only push the relevant articles to the user. It supports a series of SEO functions, such as intelligent title, title prefix, keyword auto bold, fixed link insertion, tag tag tag extraction, automatic internal chain, automatic map matching, automatic pseudo original, content filtering and replacement, phone number and website cleaning, timing collection, baidu active submission, etc. Users only need to set up keywords and related requirements to achieve full hosting, zero maintenance of website content update. Unlimited number of sites, whether it is a single site or a large number of site groups, can be very convenient for management.

R & D background

The article collector is a necessary tool for most webmasters to push articles to the website. When extracting the web information, the traditional collector mainly matches the content of the web page based on the regular expression, which runs fast and is difficult to realize. However, different websites have different page structures and need to write different collection rules, which is heavy workload and difficult to maintain. In addition, users need to find their own collection source, also need to hang up to run the collector, and even involve a series of problems such as blocked IP, need to use proxy IP and so on.